Fight Your Charge with a Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal justice system is very complicated. If you are not experienced dealing with prosecutors and judges, you may not have a fair fight in arguing your defense. A Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney can help even the fight and ensure that your rights are represented. Some areas where an attorney can help you include:


Domestic Violence


The two categories of domestic violence crimes in Michigan consist of domestic assault and aggravated domestic assault. Generally, you may be charged with aggravated domestic assault if there is an injury involved. Domestic assault charges may be considered misdemeanors or felonies depending upon your criminal history and the extent of injuries.


Child Abuse


 There are typically four degrees of child abuse charges in Michigan. First-degree child abuse is the most serious charge and involves severe injuries to a child; for instance, broken bones and head injuries. A Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer can tell you that all four degrees of child abuse charges may be considered felonies.


Child Pornography


Knowing possession of child pornography may be considered a felony. Someone convicted of the crime can face up to four years in jail and monetary fines. There are also penalties for the distribution, promotion, and financing of child pornography.


Criminal Sexual Conduct


 There are a broad range of charges for criminal sexual conduct. These crimes typically involve rape or involuntary sexual acts. First degree criminal sexual conduct can include acts against a minor. Someone could potentially face life imprisonment for a first-degree conviction. The penalties for the other degrees of criminal sexual conduct are also considered felonies and carry significant prison time.


Drug Possession


There are many different drug crimes ranging from possession to distribution. The penalties for drug possession typically depend upon what type of drug you are accused of possessing and the amount.


In all criminal issues, it is imperative that you remember your rights when dealing with police officers. We encourage you to “Speak Up, to Invoke Your Right to Remain Silent”


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