Drunk Driving (OWI / DUI)

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Michigan Classifications of Drinking and Driving


If you have been charged with OWI, DUI, OUIL, UBAL, Operating with the presence of controlled substances, or a similar alcohol or drug related driving offense, you need serious legal help. The Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers at Miel & Carr, PLC help people charged with OWI and similar crimes throughout Central, Northern and Western Michigan. Call Grand Rapids DUI Attorney Joshua Blanchard or Keeley Blanchard today at (616) 773-2945 to discuss your case.


Don’t Give Up. Fight for Your Innocence.


We routinely come across inaccurate or botched blood alcohol, breathalyzer, and field sobriety tests. Through the effective and tactical filing of pre-trial motions, we may be able to seriously damage the prosecutor’s case against you before the trial even begins. You can’t afford not to consult with a qualified attorney prior to trial.


We Take serious Michigan DUI Cases seriously.


Every “drunk driving” case is serious. Whether you’re charged with first offense OWI or OWI causing serious injury or death, you’re facing a serious charge. If convicted, you could be sent to jail, fined, put on probation, lose your license, lose your job, or face a number of other consequences. Hire an aggressive defense attorney who will take the charges against you very seriously.


Fight the Prosecutor on Every Detail.


You have a constitutional right to be presumed innocent. Don’t waive any of your rights. Don’t hire an attorney who isn’t will to fight the prosecutor on every detail. You need someone in your corner who can put the prosecutor to the test. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to challenge the validity of the traffic stop, the junk science behind the “Field Sobriety Tests”, the officer’s qualifications, the constitutionality of the arrest, the breath, blood, or urine test results, the admissibility of other evidence, and many other issues. Considering the far-reaching effects of an OWI conviction, you owe it to yourself to do everything possible to beat the prosecutor.


To effectively defend someone charged with alcohol or drug related driving offenses, an attorney must have a solid understanding of the science relating to breath, blood, and urine testing as well as field sobriety testing. Before you choose an attorney to trust your freedom to, make sure that he or she has studied the science that the prosecutor is going to rely on to attempt to convict you.