Greenville, MI Criminal Defense Attorneys

We are the only law firm in Greenville, Michigan that focuses on criminal defense. Our criminal defense attorneys have experience handling cases involving the Greenville Department of Public Safety and other local police agencies. Because we spend most of our time defending criminal charges, we understand what needs to be done to maximize your chances of winning.



If you’re looking for a Greenville, MI Criminal Defense Attorney because you’ve been accused of a crime in Montcalm County, Michigan, we can help. Charges brought against people in Greenville, MI will be filed by either the Montcalm County Prosecutor or the Greenville City Attorney. The Montcalm County Prosecutor handles all felony charges and most misdemeanors (including all of those filed by county Sheriff Deputies and State Police Troopers). The Greenville City Attorney handles misdemeanor ordinance charges filed by the City Police. The city cases are frequently assaults, retail fraud, and drunk driving.


Charges brought by the City Attorney or the County Prosecutor are largely the same. In many instances, the city ordinances mirror the state statutes that are prosecuted by the County Prosecutor. However, in some instances there are important differences in the wording of the ordinances and statues. If you’re facing a city ordinance charge, you should carefully look at the language of the city ordinance.

Greenville, MI Criminal Lawyers

Greenville, Michigan

With over 60 years of combined experience practicing law in Montcalm County, we know how to effectively defend against criminal charges. Our lawyers have tried jury trials in every court in Montcalm County and have successfully defended criminal charges ranging from possession of marijuana to murder.


If you have been accused of a crime in Greenville, Michigan, we’re willing to sit down with you to discuss your case. Feel free to call us or visit our site to learn more about how we handle criminal cases.