The Importance of Being Granted Bail After an Arrest

A Grand Rapids criminal law attorney will help a client understand the importance of being released on bail.


Why Getting Out of Jail as Soon as Possible Is Important


man behind bars Grand Rapids criminal law attorneyThe first goal of a Grand Rapids criminal lawyer will be to get you released from jail. If you are released, you will be able to return to your daily life and freedoms as preparation is made for the criminal defense. While in jail, there is little wiggle room for a plea bargain, specifically when the sentence you receive is close to the amount of time you’ve already spent in jail.


Getting Out of Jail Will Help the Attorney Plan a Defense


Being in jail is a hindrance because:

1) It will take time for the lawyer to continually go back and forth to the jail to consult with you.

2) There is a profound absence of privacy in jail even in rooms that are meant for the attorney and client.

3) Going over evidence can be uncomfortable in jail, especially if it is on audio or video.

4) You cannot call your attorney whenever it is necessary.

5) In jail, there is the possibility that an informant will use information that was meant to be shared between the attorney and client to help him or herself.


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