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In Michigan, Child Abuse is divided into four degrees: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree. Depending on the degree of charged, the potential penalty ranges from 1 year in jail to life in prison.


The common thread between all child abuse allegations is that someone is accusing you of harming a child or placing a child at risk of harm. The difference between the degrees of child abuse is supposed to relate to the severity of harm that the child was exposed to. However, we frequently see that the degree of alleged harm has very little to do with the charges that an innocent parent faces.

 Defenses Against Child Abuse Charges

Michigan Child Abuse Attorneys handsThe Michigan Child Abuse Attorneys at Miel & Carr are experienced in defending against cases of child abuse. We have experience dealing with cases that involve DNA, the forensic interviewing protocol, allergies, parental discipline, physical injuries, and forensic pathology. We have close relationships with forensic psychologists, DNA experts, physicians, investigators, and other experts. This means that we’re able to tap a network of experts who can interpret and refute the allegations in the police report.


Without the assistance of experts, Michigan Child Abuse Attorneys are unable to find all of the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, however, we frequently see cases defended by other attorneys where they don’t consult with experts. Occasionally, we consult with a client whose attorney told him that he didn’t need an expert because the attorney knew the issue (DNA/forensic interviewing/fingerprints/gynecology/burn patterns/etc) well enough that hiring an expert would be a waste of money. While we think that we know an awful lot about those areas, when we’re dealing with someone’s life, freedom, and reputation, we think that we ought to consult with the experts in the field to make sure that we’re not leaving anything on the table.


Quite frankly, if you’re looking at spending the rest of your life in prison, you ought to consider working with Michigan Child Abuse Attorneys who will consult with the people who are experts in the areas relevant to your case.  If you have an attorney who won’t do this, you should find a new attorney. This could be us or any other good attorney. We’re happy, during a consultation, to tell you what we think of other attorneys. It is not unheard of for us to tell you that we think you have a good attorney who is doing the right thing. However, if we think your attorney isn’t handling your case the right way, we’ll tell you.


Through experience in defending against child abuse cases throughout Michigan, we have come to learn that many cases are based on false allegations by CPS workers, police officers, ex-wives or ex-husbands, and false allegations by teenage children. While every case is different, we believe that our unique approach to defending a child abuse case is the best.

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If you’re facing charges of child abuse in Michigan, we would like to discuss our approach to defending these cases. While we can’t accept every case, we would like to review your case and see if we’re a good fit for each other. You can reach us almost any time at 616-773-2945.