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Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney - Man in HandcuffsAt Miel & Carr, PLC, our Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney has earned a solid reputation for effective legal representation across Michigan. We have acquired the knowledge and expertise needed to defend clients of even the most serious of criminal offenses. Do not risk facing law enforcement officials or the prosecution on your own without our professionals by your side.


Talking to Law Enforcement Officers


Years of representing clients has taught our Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer that clients should never discuss their case with the police. We have seen problems arise over and over when people just like you think the authorities are concerned with your best interests. Law enforcement officers are searching for ways to bring charges against you, but they might not have the necessary evidence to secure a conviction without a statement from the client. The authorities do not have to be straightforward when they talk to you. They receive specific training in interrogation techniques and practice their craft in order to trap people into making incriminating statements. They might take what you say out of context and twist your words in an attempt to prove their case. A discrepancy in your story could be just the opening they need to use against you.


Our Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney Stays by Your Side


In some situations, a case can be decided solely on what an individual says or does not say to the police. If you do need to clarify something with the authorities, our lawyer will help you with this difficult process. You should not risk speaking to them without legal representation by your side.


Accepting a Plea Agreement


Plea agreements often benefit all of the involved parties. However, you need a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer by your side to review the offer and determine if you should accept it. We will review the terms of the plea and make a pressure-free recommendation in your case. We will also assess other options for resolving your criminal matter.


If you have questions about your criminal case and are seeking effective legal representation, call Miel & Carr, PLC. You can reach our Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney at 616-773-2945.