Frequently when someone calls our office after having been charged with a crime, one of the first questions they have is “how much are you going to charge me?”


We understand that hiring an attorney can be a financially challenging event. However, we also know that you shouldn’t base your decision solely on finances. When facing allegations that could land you in prison for decades, if not the rest of your life, we know that we can’t accurately assess your case and quote a fee in ten minutes over the telephone. Before we can establish a fee, we need to know what defenses you may have, how likely the case is to proceed all of the way to jury trial, whether extensive investigation is going to be required, whether we’ll need to hire expert witnesses, and most importantly, we need to know something of you as a person.


Your Initial Meeting with Miel & Carr


Our initial client meeting is something of a two-way interview. We don’t accept every potential client who walks through our doors. We’d like to take some time to sit down and have a conversation with you. We’d like to learn your personal story. We’d like to learn how we can effectively help you to deal with the accusations that you’re facing.


The Cost of Litigation


We recognize that our fees can be expensive. If you are merely looking for the cheapest attorney to represent you, the attorneys at Miel & Carr, PLC are not for you. There are many attorneys out there who are willing to take on a criminal case for a very small fee just so they can make a quick buck. They won’t be able to effectively defend your case, and will likely try to plead you out at the earliest opportunity, but they will handle the case cheaply.


When we take on a criminal case, we plan to fight against the government and your accusers with every resource possible. To us, getting involved in defending a criminal case means obtaining the best possible result for the client, and that means expending a great deal of time and energy into investigation, pretrial motions, and trial preparation. Our fees reflect the large amounts of time we will spend defending you. If you choose us, you’re getting trial lawyers who take criminal defense seriously — take a look at our bio pages and you’ll see that each year we engage in a number of advanced continuing education courses to improve our trial presentation skills.


If after we meet, we’re unable to represent you, we’ll do our best to help you connect with a qualified criminal defense attorney who is better suited for your situation. To schedule a time to discuss your case, call us at (616) 773-2945.